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Drill Your Dentist, Before She Drills You!
The Most Important Questions to Ask Your Dentist Before You Open Your Mouth, Or Your Wallet!
Bleached white uniforms, sterilized drilling tools and X-ray machine equipment don't exactly make chit  chat very easy. Before your stuck tongue-tied in the dentist's chair put your dentist to the test with these key questions you have the right to ask and he should be obligated to answer!
  •  How to tell if your dentist's office is safe.
  • The 12 most important questions you need to ask your dentist.
  •  The most important ways to avoid being overtreated by dentists. 
  •  A few things your dentist forgot to mention (that are filling his pockets while he fills your teeth!)
  •  The three most important things you should expect from your dentist.
  •  Where to find the most trustworthy dentists and why they're the ones you can trust!
  •  Why drilling your dentist is safer, cheaper and healthier than letting them drill you! 
  •  and much, much more! 
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You'll never feel nervous and uncertain at the dentist's office again. With this ebook, you'll have the questions you need to put your dentist to the test and have the confidence you need to trust the treatments you're getting are truly in your best interests.
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