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Dear Health-Seeker,

My name is Tera Warner.

If you found me while you’re in pain, struggling with toothache, bleeding gums, or if you’ve been told you need a root canal, extraction, gum transplants or other expensive and painful dental treatments, you are in the right place.

What you’re about to discover will save you thousands of dollars, help avoid unnecessary pain and, most importantly, it could save your teeth. 

Think about this:

What you've been told about dental health may not be the full story! The truth is that your mouth is the gateway to your entire body. 

When you look at your teeth and gums, it's a reflection of what's going on INSIDE your body--your organs, your bones, your blood! 

That's the good news and the bad news. While your mouth is a perfect place to look to understand what's happening with your overall health, it also means...
If You Have Dental Problems, You Could Have Other, Bigger Health Problems! 
If you're like me, you were taught that all you need to do is brush, floss and try not to eat too many candies. 

You may have even been taught to think of your teeth as "hard, little bones" in your mouth that totally disconnected from the rest of your body and don't have any effect on your overall health.

This idea is how dentists have justified pulling, drilling and filling your teeth with some of the most toxic substances known to humankind!

It's "no big deal." They're just teeth!



Turns out Big Daddy Dental Industry missed a few VERY important facts!
Check out these shocking facts about how your oral health is affecting your entire health:
  • Heart Disease - 91% of patients with heart disease have periodontis. *
  • Pregnancy & Fetal Development Problems - Gum disease and infection has been known to interfere with fetal development causing lung conditions, heart conditions and learning problems .
  • Pneumonia, Asthma & Respiratory Conditions - lung conditions worsen with increased bacterial exposure caused by gum disease and tooth decay.
  • Dementia - bacteria from the gums enters the brain and compromises mental function.
  • Diabetes - research shows people who have gum disease and tooth decay, have a much harder time controlling their blood sugar levels.
  • Osteoporosis - this is a double-edged sword. Drugs for osteoporosis worsen gum disease  
  • And More: Eating disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, head, breast and neck cancers.
And SO MUCH MORE! So far we're just talking the effect of common dental treatments. 

We haven't even touched the surface of what harmful dental treatments like mercury amalgam fillings and root canals can do! Kinda scary, huh?

Well, like I said. It's the good news, AND the bad news.
If You Want Answers FAST, This Is For You... 
But the dental industry isn't going to show you how to do it!

They make BILLIONS!!! of dollars on rotting teeth and bleeding gums. In fact, the worse your teeth get, the more money they make!

Toxic "dentist recommended" mouthwash alone reports $3 billion in sales!! 
(That stuff is as cheap as chemical window cleaner and it looks the same, too!)

When you go to your average dentist, you might not get a straight answer.

That's why, I didn't go to any "average" dentist. I chose a daredevil dentist.

And not just one!

I chose a panel of 16 "daredevil" dentists, renegade rule breakers and health heroes to pierce through the lies and deception in the dental industry and get the truth about your tooth health!

Then I put it together with hundreds of hours of research and investigation  to bring you this:
This Easy Program to Stop Tooth Pain, Cavities & Gum Disease is So Clear and Succinct Just a Few Minutes a Day Will Make a Big Improvement to Your Overall Health  

With the right information and support you can restore the health of your teeth and your mouth. You can heal bleeding gums, stop toothache pain in its tracks and never fear the dentist again!

I’ve helped thousands of people improve their health and save their teeth. Just follow simple easy to apply hand-holding advice in our step-by-step program and you cannot go wrong!
INSIDER SECRETS: Discover How to Easily Improve Your Dental Health & Save You Thousands of Dollars!
If you're like me, your community or school nurse taught you to brush and floss and try not to eat too much sugar. 

But that wasn't enough.

For years I tried to follow the healthiest diets. I tried being macrobiotic, vegan, vegetarian and raw food vegan for years. I ate organic, blended my kale and slurped green juice religiously.
So I was shocked when, after years of healthy eating, I kept getting lousy dental checkups. My teeth were rotting in spite of what I thought was the healthiest diet I could possibly eat!

I had to get answers. 

I had to go beyond the "brush, floss and steer clear of sugar" paradigm to really understand what was happening with my teeth and my health.

That's when I got together with my friend, Nadine Artemis, whose research and expertise in the field of Natural Dentistry blew my mind! 

We put together a series of interviews, and shared them with thousands of people around the world!

The results were undeniable!

People from all over the world were writing in with the most incredible success stories, reversing gum disease, recession, healing cavities and turning around crippling health conditions after years of pain, struggle and frustration!

I worked hard to share the interviews with thousands of people all over the world.

The response was amazing! People were so grateful, letters came rolling in and thousands of people improved their health and gums!
But there was only one problem...

I kept going to the dentist and getting lousy results. More little "cavities"  were showing up and now gum recession!!

I had to sit down, give myself a head-shake and then ask a pretty important question:
"How is it that you have access to all this information, but you're still getting cavities and gum recession?!?!"

That's when the light bulb turned on for me...

I realized that all that information just came piling in, and I was drowning in information overload! All the supplements and conflicting opinions...

...I didn't know where to begin. I just got overwhelmed, backed down and wasn't able to apply the information.

All the information was amazing, but as a single mom with two kids in tow, trying to build a business and manage the demands of every day life, I just couldn't find an easy way to take all the information and turn it into ACTION--into RESULTS!

So that's when I decided to create a step-by-step hand-holding course for people just like me, people who may feel overwhelmed and short on time, so they need help putting all the information together into easy, clear, action steps that work!
Here Are Just Some of the Insider Secrets You'll Discover in This FREE Program:
  • how to stop gum recession in its tracks! (Avoid tens of thousands of $$$ in painful gum surgery with a simple trick!)
  • the dangers of toxic tooth whitening strips and what works even better (and costs much less)!
  • which "natural" oral care products are not to be trusted, and what you can use instead! 
  • the safest, most effective dental hygiene tricks to keep strong, white, healthy teeth.
  • the most important foods to include to remineralize your teeth and bones. 
  • the key foods to remove from your diet immediately because they are leaching minerals from your teeth and bones!
  • a review of the most toxic toothpaste ingredients so you'll know which brands you can trust, and which you should chuck in the dust bin!
  • so, so, so much more that will save you thousands of dollars and save your teeth!
Once I started to apply the tools and steps in this program, I went from being totally afraid to go to the dentist, to being the dentist's #1 brag story. Hearing things like "gorgeous," "impeccable" and 

"Wow! You have such beautiful, white teeth!" I figured it out ,saved thousands of dollars and wanted to help other people get the same results, too!

And that's exactly why I created this program:
A Step-by-Step Program to Stop Tooth Decay & Gum Disease Fast!
 (Even if You're Really Short on Time!) 
I feverishly sat down, reviewed all the content of the course material and committed to sifting through the most important parts so I could bring it all together.

I scraped off the fluff. I sped through the great stories, and just focused on the "get to the point"  action steps that really mattered.

One action step at a time. Then the next. Then the next. I hadn't even gone through the entire course when it was time for another dental check-up...

I put together a sample menu planner, continued implementing the course and puttin in one step at a time... 

Then I went to my next dentist appointment...

...and the one after that...

....and the one after that...

...and at every appointment I got a clean, cavity-free report!!
No more cavities, no more gum recession, and I had even managed to realign my teeth for $150 (with the help of my osteopath)!

I totally avoided a $7000 treatment my dentist had recommended!! (more on that inside the course!)I DID IT!! I had finally stopped years of tooth problems, and now it was time to give other people the chance to try it, too!

So here we are, and here's your chance to turn your health around and get the strongest, healthiest teeth and gums ever:
Save Years of Stress, Confusion & Research!
Get the Facts About Dental Health Fast!
I've spent YEARS distilling the most important information you need and put it into clear, empowering lessons and laser-targeted e-books so you can buckle down and get the facts fast!
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This is your chance to save thousands of dollars in unnecessary, potential harmful dental treatments and get the specific action steps you need to turn your health around! 

I spent years sifting through all the information and getting to the facts about dental health, and all you need to do is spend a few minutes now to access for FREE the exact steps and tools that took me YEARS to figure out!  So, what are you waiting for? 

Let's get you smiling wider and brighter than ever!

Love and lots of dental floss,
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