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Take a deep breath...
Discover Nature's Secret to Seduction:  
Safe, Healthy and Deliciously Irresistible!
Our perfume and cologne pens contain only pure flower petal power and the simplest, cleanest
ingredients to make a truly safe and irresistibly alluring, natural perfume.
"jazz me"
 Laced with lavender, dripping in vanilla; bask in the aromatic afterglow of our jazzy jasmine.
"rose knows"
In all matters of love and seduction, if anyone knows, 
rose knows!
Just a little whiff will lift your spirits; each inhalation offers
the joy of elevation by "elation."
"wild oak"
An irresistible call to the wild 
to throw off the leashes and go sow your "wild oaks!"
Discover for Yourself Why Nobody Does Seduction Better Than Mother Nature!
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Experience fragrance that boosts your immunity and creates an irresistible attractions with safe, healthy essential oils. We guarantee you'll see that when it comes to improving your health, the truth is simple and it works! 
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Feel completely secure knowing your investment is 100% risk free. If you try the product for 30 days and are in any way dissatisfied, just let us know and we will refund your purchase, no questions asked!
Introducing Nature's Secret Sauce for Irresistible Seduction
Ingredients: Organic and wild crafted essential oils of lime, lemon, grapefruit, jasmine grandiflorum, lavender, and vanilla in a base of organic jojoba oil. (9ml/0.3 fl oz)

Ingredients: Organic and wild crafted essential oils of bergamot, lavender, yellow mandarin, neroli, patchouli, oak moss in a base of jojoba oil or as an alcohol-based spritzer. (9ml/0.3 fl oz)
Ingredients: Organic and wild crafted essential oils of ylang ylang, rose, bergamot, jasmine sambac, yellow mandarin, sandalwood in a base of organic jojoba oil. (9ml/0.3 fl oz)
Ingredients: Organic and wild-crafted essential oils of jasmine grandiflorum, magnolia, neroli, ylang ylang, green lemon, bergamot, grapefruit, sweet orange, sandalwood, vetiver, and vanilla in a base of organic jojoba oil. (9ml/0.3 fl oz)
Common Questions About
Our Organic Essential Oil Perfumes
IMPORTANT: Regular perfume contains harmful toxins known to disrupt hormones, cause cancer and irritate your skin, lungs and nerves. Our perfumes and cologne contain only organic and wild-crafted ingredients that boost immunity, improve your health so you can take a deep breath and enjoy the sensations of seduction the way Nature intended.
About Our Handmade Essential Oil Perfumes & Cologne:
Q: What is natural perfume and how does it differ from "regular" perfume?
A: A natural perfume is one that's made solely from ingredients that are sourced from nature. These petals, leaves, bark, wood, stems, seeds, buds, roots, resins and flowers are processed via steam distillation or cold pressed extraction (each botanical requires different methods of extraction) to release the essential oils that we blend in either jojoba oil or organic alcohol. All essential oils have varied therapeutic properties and aromatherapy benefits.

Regular perfumes are made largely from synthetic ingredients that have been cooked up in a laboratory with multiple processes to create a specific chemical compound or "isolate". Even if a natural botanical has been used these multiple processes are designed to isolate a particular compound that is then blended with numerous compounds to create the desired smell. The term "fragrance" has, for decades, hidden all manner of ingredients, somewhere between 10 to 50 chemicals which don't have to be disclosed on labels because they are considered "Trade Secrets" by the law. It is virtually impossible to know what and how many ingredients are in "regular" perfumes as the ingredient lists are protected. 
Q: Why do you only use natural ingredients in your perfumes?
A: We know that anything you put on your skin, ends up in your system. Just think about the transdermal delivery system (medication patches) that doctors use to administer a constant measured dose of medication. We know if you wouldn't put it in your mouth, you shouldn't put it on your skin.
Q: Are all the ingredients in your perfume organic?
A: They sure are, and if not organic, they are even better, they are wild crafted!
Q: How long do your natural fragrances last on the skin?
A: The length of time our natural fragrances will last on your skin depends on several factors. Fragrance will rapidly disappear from dry skin. Our all natural flower-powered perfumes are made from essential oils, dry skin will drink up these beautiful botanical oils more rapidly. We suggest dry brushing and moisturizing with either jojoba, coconut or our beautiful "glow getter" All-In-One Skin Solution to help prepare your skin, thereby allowing the fragrance to linger longer, not to mention give you an all over glow.
Q: How do I use your petal powered perfume?
A: Our roll-on vials have been designed to be used on the go! They are a perfect size and shape to slip into your handbag, gym bag or even your pocket. Just roll the divine blends onto your pulse points, such as your wrists, neck, inside of elbows and if you want to get even more playful, try a dab or two behind your knees.
Q: Why do you use a carrier oil?
A: We love jojoba oil for our carrier oil as it has a long shelf life so we don't need to even think about preservatives. As well, jojoba oil is as close to our own natural sebum (oil) and completely odourless, making it the perfect choice for our natural fragrance.
Q: How long do your natural fragrances last?
A: Our oil-based fragrances if stored correctly will last indefinitely. Jojoba oil is actually a wax ester, rather than an oil, and as such it doesn't break down and go rancid easily as other carrier oils can do. It extends the shelf life of the essential oil ingredients in the perfumes. Jojoba oil is also completely odourless, making it the perfect choice for a natural fragrance. You could expect your perfume to last around 2 years from first use. 
Q: Why do perfumes smell different on different people?
A: Your own body chemistry affects how different the aspects of fragrance react on your skin. Anything that affect the "natural" smell of your skin such as stress, hormonal changes, diet, medication and even the weather might change how a fragrance might smell on you.
Q: Are there any precautions I should be aware of?
A: As with any product that you're applying to your skin for the first time, it is wise to try one small patch first. Nobody can know how they will react to a new product whether it is all natural or not. If you have a known allergy or intolerance you'll find all the ingredients of each product listed on the website and on each product, so make sure you've read all the small print carefully before making a purchase.
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication."
-Leonardo DaVinci is a production of Fire Lily Lady Publishing Inc. 
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