About Tera Warner
Way back in 2005, as a solo mom, Tera Warner started to blaze a trail on the internet with some of the very first online "detox" and "weight loss" programs every created.  She hosted hundreds of interviews with the world's most successful wellness authors and personal growth leaders, while thousands of women around the world followed her work. 

About five years ago, just when it was all getting very exciting, Tera hopped on a last minute flight to Detroit. Seated next to her, smiling, was her future husband and long-sought Prince Charming. 

Have created a success business as a sleep-deprived single mom stuck in overdrive, Tera's next mission was to figure out how to make business, family, and work-life balance fit into her picture of happily ever after.

In order to prioritize sleep, exercise, time outside and high quality attention on kids, Tera began reduce her time online and focus on working with her private and small group clients only. 

The more she did this, the more she liked it. :-)

Today, online detox programs are a dime a dozen, but Tera's skill and expertise in uplifting the human spirit, and helping women restore their self-confidence is unparalleled.

While she hasn't packed it in completely yet, Tera now limits her work to a select number of one-on-one private clients whom she guides through the exact same formula she used to create lasting change for thousands of women around the world.

If you'd like to work with Tera directly, please send an email to support@terawarner.com so we can provide you with an application.  At present, Tera only accepts applications for 20 personal coaching clients per year, and as places become available, you will be the first to hear about it. 

Read These Stories From Tera's Past Clients:
"Butt-Kicking and Life-Changing"
I first saw a comment about a "spiritual butt-kicking, life-changing program" posted by Alison over 3 months ago and at the time my response was "that looks awesome, not entirely sure I'm in the right place in my life right now to take something like that on though". I think it's a fair comment to say I'd 'been there, done that' many times before as far as self-improvement 'stuff' was concerned.

Having said that, I still found myself following the same patterns and asking myself the same questions time and time again. For whatever reason, it never worked. I knew lots of stuff, but clearly I still didn't 'get it'.

Needless to say, that clearly meant I WAS in the right place in my life and really had nothing to lose. This course helps you to 'paint the picture' of what you want in your life, asks the hard questions and really get to the core of why things just aren't quite working out the way you want. Enlightening and empowering, Tera shares some great insights and gives you awesome support to confront and deal with whatever it is that's holding you back. NOW I 'get it'.

If you're reading this then YOU are in the right place too and have nothing to lose either. Butt-kicking and life-changing says it all.

-- Leah Parker
"This Will Blow Your Mind & Have You See Things You Never Saw Before!"
The Lifestyle Design Retreat for me was a treat and added bonus to the internal self wondering I was doing, except I was wondering aimlessly! The tools given within this 7 week program are phenomenal!

The resources to back it up GREAT! And the support from the fellow truth seekers and truth masters is what really helps to feel safe in unraveling or dismantling, because believe me when I say; "no rock goes unturned" in this journey of taking a good hard look at the facts of what's been lurking around in the darkness, and what's in the light.

These tools for me are being used to create this incredible foundation of empowerment through simply BE-ing me...no additives here. They helped me shed skin. I have looked at all of me with the loving-yet stern Tera Warner. The methods and approach she's using will blow your mind, and have you seeing things you never saw before, or perhaps are unwilling to see. 

But not only does it help with the self acceptance, peace making, and understanding, but it extends to show you in a big way how to broaden your horizon while taking into consideration how you conduct your self in every aspect of your life in a big way! And it doesn't stop there!

-- Chandelle Maldonado
"Living the Most Beautiful Expression of My Greatest Dreams."
The Lifestyle Design Virtual Retreat Program has helped me to change my life in the exact direction that I want to be going!

The entire course is made up of lessons that are built in a simple to follow sequence, allowing the process to unfold as organically as the blossoming of a flower. With commitment and dedication to the lessons,

I followed the journey through this program and came out shining my brightest light!

The calls that come with each lesson are incredibly inspiring and mind opening, giving me the tools I needed to apply the knowledge to my day to day life. When challenges arose (as they often do during times of transformation), the support that I received gave me the extra strength I needed to push past them and get to the finish line.

Now that I've come out on the other side of this program, I feel like I am living the most beautiful expression of my greatest dreams! Having someone that believes in your true colours is the greatest gift any human being can receive. Give this gift to yourself by signing up for a life-changing program!

-- Angela Willard
"Worth More Than Words or Any Sum of Money Can Express."
Tera Warner's Lifestyle Design Virtual Retreat is worth more than these words can express or any monetary sum, because its value added is towards LIFE: the quality of your life.

This program sets you up with a clear view of yourself and your areas of influence. Then it imparts invaluable lessons while teaching practical tools that you can use every day to live and interact in truthful, helpful, more meaningful ways.

One example for me concerns relationships, an area of my life that I needed to focus on. Now whenever I find myself in a hard situation with another person (out of communication) I look at what I have done to that other person vs. focusing and getting stuck on what they are doing or did to me. This has really opened my eyes.

Everything appears brighter to me now after having taken this virtual retreat. I have purpose. My goals make me move. My relationships are more meaningful. My career is more interesting. Finally, my past makes more sense, my future is exciting, and I live in the present.

Not only do I recommend that others take this program, but I feel personally responsible for sharing things that I have learned. The content of this program needs to be more widely distributed; it will undoubtedly change the world.

-- Laura de Leon

"I Have Never Felt This Good Before!"
"This course is AMAZING!!! I started out allowing my creativity to flow, and I allowed myself to play! Then the inner work began. I had buried it so deep, it took me a long time to let it come to the surface.

I resisted knowing. With gentle nudges, Tera stayed with me and encouraged me to write down my stories and send them to her.

In doing so, it awakened my spirit to finally want to be free of the confines I had imprisoned myself in. The feeling of pure joy and peace that is flowing through my body as I write these words, brings tears to my eyes as I have never felt this good before!

If you are ready to move forward in living and loving life - take this course. It will transform your life just as it has transformed mine! "

-- Helen Doughterty
"I'm Living My Life by Design, not Default, And That is a Miracle!"
"When I started the Lifestyle Design Virtual Retreat, I was uninspired, confused, and I felt stuck in life. I had ideas of things I wanted to move forward with and create but had no idea what to do; therefore, I didn't take any actions and stayed in the same safe "boring" life where I didn't have to step out of my comfort zone. Well, that all changed after digging deep and doing all the exercises in this program!

I allowed myself to have a purpose, and living my life with a purpose is so exciting and liberating. I've decided to be happy because it's my choice. The Lifestyle Design Virtual Retreat is a definite life changer for me, and I'm eternally grateful of the loving guidance I have received from everyone in it. I'm living my life by design and not by default, and that is a miracle in my book!!"

-- Paige Hinton
"A Huge Weight Has Been Lifted. I Feel Lighter!"
I have recently finished the Virtual Lifestyle Design program and let me tell you, it packs a punch! I loved the encouragement to do artwork around our dreams. It was terrific to have the support of others on the Facebook page and we developed quite a lasting friendship, I think.

But this course is not for the faint of heart! No one is going to 'do the work' for you and you have to decide for yourself if you are willing to face some truths about yourself that might just be holding you back. I found myself doing the old avoidance thing a little too often - and let me tell you there are a gazillion 'important' reasons for me not to do something that's hard for me - but it's pretty much all avoidance...for me, at least.
I have to say that once I was willing to sit down and do the work, it was like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders and I felt lighter. I can honestly say some of the exercises brought huge relief and guess what? The world didn't implode around me - in fact, it expanded!

Very, very worth the time and effort. If you're wondering about taking it, stop wondering and Just Do It! Your life will change for the better."

Chere Harbridge
"I'm More Trusting In My Ability to Communicate!"
"Tera really is the Queen of Communication and spiritual butt kicking! I've seen her lead women who've been struggling for years to their a-ha moments in a VERY short amount of time with ease and persistence. She's a perfect mix of tough love and compassion and is someone you want to be around because of how she strives to lift everyone higher until you believe you really can go out and fulfill your passions in life.

In the time I've personally known Tera I've transformed into a woman who has total clarity over what I want out of life and more importantly, who I want to BE. Observing and working with Tera has changed the way I see myself and how I fit into this crazy world not feeling shame, guilt or struggle to fit into someone else's mold but to shine fully. I'm much more trusting in my abilities to communicate my truth, to set clear boundaries with confidence and to lead other women to come to their own beautiful conclusions about life and living joyfully in their own skin.
Tera is someone I treasure as a power house of knowledge and who walks her walk by trusting her own unique path and in doing so, blazes the trail for women who want to build a life from the heart in true alignment with their passions, strengths and inner desires. If you have the opportunity to work with Tera do it! She's a radiant, courageous, dynamic leader for women who have a dream and need a partner to support them in making that dream a reality."

-- Eliza Ceci
"This Program Helped Me SO MUCH With My
Relationship With My Husband."
"This program has helped me SO MUCH with my relationship with my husband. We were not communicating well before this Virtual Retreat. We were slipping to a place, and we didn't know how to get "us" back. Since this program, I have realized I was not giving my attention to my husband. As I worked through this program, I changed. My relationship with my husband also changed to a much better place! I came to this program a woman who could not say what I felt. I was so busy "editing" what I was trying to say, that I never said anything. Now, I feel so much better! I feel good.

I really did not have an agenda for my 1-1 coaching calls, but I did want to focus on my "purpose" and focus on a family member that I have not been able to confront. I knew all of this would take some time, and I wasn't expecting to address those issues on a particular call. I was asked what my passion was, and everything happened from there. I told how my friends come to me when they are having problems in their relationships. She asked me how I responded to them with their problems. I learned SO MUCH in that call about how to help someone depending on "their" emotional level. WOW! And I have so much more to learn :)."

-- Yvette Ringgold
"I Felt Like I Was Taking Up More Space Than I Ever Had Before!"
"This course, in addition to the Tulum, Mexico Retreat, has changed my LIFE. I stepped into the Lifestyle Design Virtual Retreat knowing deep down that I wanted to shift my career into doing something BIG, to find my purpose. I have to tell you the first time I have my 1-1 coaching call, I wasn't expecting anything crazy to happen. However, having someone believe in me REALLY profoundly affected me. My heart swelled, and I felt like I was taking up more space then I ever had before-- pretty amazing!!!

And NOW, I feel I have the tools and the opportunity to help people the way I've been helped through this program. I'm consistently reminded of the depth of information and application of the information that I've been fortunate to experience. I look at people differently. I don't react to things coming at me like I did before. I can comfortably sit in my space and let other people do the same.
 I feel like I love everyone more, understand people better, and take more responsibility in my role in communication and making things happen in my life. I am walking into my ideal scene and want to help others do the same. It's big stuff, and I love it! Thank YOU SOOOOOO MUCH!! Thank you for loving me and believing in me-- I'm tearing up just writing these words. THAT'S how much this experience has meant to me."

-- Anitra Celmer
"Tera's Team Will Definitely
Go the Extra Mile for You."
"I first heard about the Lifestyle Design Virtual Retreat from a friend, she was bragging that it would change my life, but you had to be prepared to do the work yourself. She had met Tera in person and found her to be real and truly authentic. I wasn't doing so well in my life as I had been through a lot of stuff, so I thought why not give this a try.

Since doing this program, I am doing much better in the food department. I am pretty fussy about what I eat, but the smoothie thing has really got me hooked, eating greens that I would never give a second look at in the store. I have gone out and done things that I haven't in a long time such as getting back to my Tai Chi.  Overall I am more extroverted and apt to getting out into the community to share my reiki and drumming gifts which feels great!

I would say to anyone wanting to get their life back on track, that this program will do that, but they must be willing to take a hard look at what they have been doing in their life and be willing and open to do what they need to do to improve it. Tera's be. Team will definitely go the extra mile for you as long as you do your very best to follow the program that they have spent lots of time developing. I felt they were very supportive in helping me get through it; Tera has amazing amount of patience, I thought she might kick me out, but she never gave up on the man. ;-) "

-- Merv

-- Anitra Celmer
"This Program Helped Me See Clearly What I Want & What's Been Holding Me Back."
"I was feeling I had lost my sense of direction after being a stay at home mom for 7 years and moving multiple times around the world with my family. I didn't have a "master plan" anymore. I needed to sit down and figure out where I was headed, and I needed some structure to help me do that. This program helped me see clearly what it is I really want, what has been holding me back, and how to take responsibility and get things moving in the right direction.  

I learned some powerful communication tools which I am using everyday with my family. The best part of the program was being a member of a group of women who were also questioning their lives and finding the courage to design their lives. The support from Tera was invaluable. I am now feeling much clearer about where I am heading. And, I know that I will continue to have the support from the group as I move on."

-- Mai
"I Think Everyone Needs to Take This Course."
"The Lifestyle Design course is a course that I think everyone needs to take. It is one of those courses that is essential if you want to have a life changing experience.

The Lifestyle Design course provided me with the tools and techniques that I will need and use to help me through situations and challenges that I may face in the future. It amazes me how I could justify, sugar coat and believe that the life I was living was out of control and I was the cause of how people treated me and I treated them, However, once I faced my tigers and came clean with myself using the lessons provided and the support that was offered my whole life changed.
I see people in a different light, I am more compassionate, loving and I am allowing those around me to just BE themselves which allows me to not feel threatened or insecure. Situations and People that I had for years avoided or ran from I now have the courage to face and comfortably confront. For the first time in my life I feel lighter, in a genuine state of happiness.

I am in control of my future, living authentically and living large.

Thank you Tera for being there and for helping me to BE me!"

-- Susan Pedrosa
"More Than I Ever Could Have Imagined!"
"Since I joined the VLDR back in November 2013, my life has taken a huge turn for the better and I've never looked back. Amidst my own chaos and confusion, I fortuitously, yet fortunately stumbled upon the advert for VLDR and BE. It really spoke to me amongst all the other self-help programs and courses that I'd been checking out. Somehow this one appeared different, and WOW!!! 

Was it ever! More than I ever could have imagined. I've been equipped with invaluable tools to navigate my life and techniques to help me break through obstacles and problem solving skills when barriers come before me.

Being connected with BE and Tera has definitely improved and enhanced my life and my purpose. She's the most inspiring human being I've ever met. I now JUMP out of bed each morning excited with what magic the day will bring forth. BE has definitely helped me to shift my life up a gear to the next level and it's WAY more exciting than I ever imagined!
  •  I have better relationships with everyone.
  •  I communicate more effectively.
  •  I'm stronger and more courageous, both physically and emotionally.
  •  I no longer have chronic lower back pain.
  •  I now believe in my-self and my self-worth.
  •  I'm a 1000% better at making decisions, but most importantly "I" am in control of my life and no longer at the effect and mercy of others. I have taken full responsibility to make it go right.
The VLDR was the beginning then I attended a seven-day BE live retreat, which further developed my life skills and deepened my knowledge about human behaviour and expression.

Previously, I had spent $1000's of dollars on courses and training programs, but this is the only one that actually worked.

I highly recommend this program for the tools it has taught me and equipped me with to go forth and conquer my life and create it on my terms the way I want it. I'm in the driving seat. This has to be the most liberating feeling of all!

Now, I've manifested my total dream into reality, only better than I could ever imagine. And I realised it was the same one that I created whilst on the VLDR way back a year ago. SO dreams can come true. You just need the right mentor to show you how. Tera is that mentor.

BE has shown me how to totally re-align my life and put me on the right track to personal and planetary fulfilment. I know I can create anything I want.

I believe in the power of ME!

As the motto goes "Design your Life, Dare to Live It".
I have..."

-- Evie Turner
"My Loose Ends, Scattered Thoughts, Limiting Beliefs & Fears Have Fallen Away."
 "Everything happens for a reason! And my signing up for this Lifestyle Design Virtual Retreat was the greatest thing that could have happened to me. I actually felt good about my life going into this program, but I knew something was still missing... and I found it, here! When Tera's email came to me, I just knew I had to sign up for it... I got excited just thinking about the possibilities of creating an even better life!This course was INCREDIBLE! It has brought me so much clarity and for the first time in my life all my loose ends, scattered thoughts, crazy limiting beliefs, and fears have fallen away and my life is looking bright... really bright. I am creating a life for me that for the first time is starting to feel as real as I have ever dreamed it to be! I found this course invaluable and life changing, and I have been so inspired by all the insightful new information and the exercises that have been shared with me. I am so grateful to be given these tools as they have served me to live my life with more clarity, truth, passion, and purpose.

Tera's lessons were beautiful and the BEST teacher I've ever had! The belief in myself I got from this program has changed who I am, and I am so grateful."

-- Wendy Heine
"This Experience Was World-Changing."
"Life changing seems like an understatement. This experience was world changing. I am walking away with connections that could last a lifetime, an easy to use, often confronting set of tools that are sustainable and most importantly a sense of direction and purpose."

-- Peita
"This Program Is For Every Woman Who Is Feeling Stuck!"
This program is for every woman who is feeling stuck. I won't lie, it is like riding an emotional roller coaster at times (and I still have ups and downs) but if you give 100% of yourself, commit to the exercises and trust the process, there's no reason why you too can't come out the other side a confident, happier, more communicative and more focused version of you.

I write this to you today feeling lighter, brighter, better equipped to deal with problems and with a real sense of purpose and lust for life. I just have so much more acceptance of myself, of my body, of who I am as a person. I love my new mindset, l am full to bursting and I just wanna show the world what its been missing and if you don't like me, tough, I ain't going anywhere.

Caroline O'Connor

"Run, Don't Walk" To Receive This Human Software Upgrade!"
The Virtual Lifestyle Design Retreat was everything I hoped for and more. It is hard to describe how it changes you but it does. For me, it slowly switched on lights, fired up some lost courage, rewired my brain to approach life’s challenges from the point of view: “I can do this. This is fun.” Tera’s energy, her insights, her exercises and her “soap box” lectures are nothing short of transformative. Run, don’t walk, to receive this (human) software upgrade. Your mind, body and spirit will thank-you.

Florence Christophers
Business Coach
Kick Sugar Addiction World Summit Host
More Incredible Stories of Success to 
Inspire You to Come Onboard Our Virtual Retreat
Due to the personal nature of their stories, some of these women  requested not to share their photos.
"I Am Living Proof That a 180-Degree U-Turn Can Happen to Anyone!"
I told myself I was happy. I smiled a lot. I attended my kids' school and sport activities and clapped and cheered loudly. I had an enviable job. I did the dishes and prettied up the house. I mothered and loved my children. I played the role of the good wife, and had a lovely marriage. My life looked dang good from the outside looking in.

But it really wasn't. I was a fraud.

I had put on a shroud of social veneer to hide my true feelings. That camouflage also came with unwanted weight gain, poor eating habits, and laziness due to my low energy food choices. Not really being present in any moment of time, because I had already moved onto the next event in order to get the never ending to-do list checked off. I was frazzled, frumpy, tired, and had raw nerves. In the process of creating my shroud I had stopped moving forward and had slowly started to decay. I couldn't see all the good in my life anymore. I was secretly unhappy. And the cherry on top was that my hormones were starting to set sail for a full blown mid-life crisis.

When driving home from work one evening I found myself wishing I would get cancer so that my life had to slow down. That the people around me would notice I was overburdened and step in and help. It was tempting to think that I would be obligated to quit my job. If I was terminally ill, I no longer would have to live up to others expectations. I thought that the only way to get out of my funk was to have a major incident or crisis that forced my life to change. I was wrong, all it took was me.

I took a giant leap into the cosmos by joining the LifeStyle Retreat... I was taught to communicate my needs and feelings instead of stuff them inside, to confront barriers and obstacles, to get rid of any past baggage holding me back. I learned how to prioritize better and be accountable for my hours in each day. Each week taught me how to achieve balance and navigate my own life. And that brought fresh courage and positive change. Each day I unpeeled a layer of my social veneer to reveal a little more of my authentic-self. I was taught to communicate my needs and feelings instead of stuff them inside, to confront barriers and obstacles, to get rid of any past baggage holding me back. I learned how to prioritize better and be accountable for my hours in each day. Each week taught me how to achieve balance and navigate my own life. And that brought fresh courage and positive change. Each day I unpeeled a layer of my social veneer to reveal a little more of my authentic-self. I was becoming who the universe yearned for me to be...

I really listened when my kids were talking; I was present and joyful even performing mundane tasks. I was more focused and creative at work. I found time to take care of myself. I still had all the same obligations and responsibilities, but I tackled them one at a time and stayed focused on the present moment. And before I realized it the dark clouds parted…

My whole life shifted.
  • I now communicate better
  •  I have improved intimacy with my husband
  •  I have rekindled my zest for life
  •  I have deeper and more personal relationships with my children
  •  I am back in love with myself and the direction I am heading
  •  I am excited to get out of bed each morning
  •  I have more gratitude
  •  I feel more abundance in all areas of my life
  •  My weaknesses are purposely becoming my strengths
I never would have believed you if you had told me I could have that significant of results in 7 short weeks. I would have never thought I could go from a mid-life crisis to a super nova. But I did. I am living proof that 180 degree U-turns can happen to anyone. I am now living life to the fullest and feel in control. I traded the old camouflage for magical energy and I am headed to the stars and other uncharted destinations.

Thanks Tera for the support, love, faith, the belief in the power of self, and for sharing your gift for positive change!

-Anna xxoo 
"I Was Stuck In Past Professional Failures, 
Ruined Relationships & Financial Fiascoes"
One year ago, I was stuck in uncertainty and confusion. My life was on hold because I was full of doubt and didn't believe that it was possible to create a life that I loved. On the outside, I appeared happy and cheerful, but on the inside, I was a chaotic emotional mess of fear, uncertainty, pain and loss.

I was stuck in past professional failures, ruined relationships and financial fiascoes, hoping, praying and wishing for the solution to all of my problems to be delivered to my doorstep by a brown-clad UPS driver.

I was reading books that claimed to have "the Answer." Spending thousands of dollars on online classes and quick fix weekend courses that promised me a life of peace, joy and fulfillment. But once I closed the books and returned home from the courses, life loomed larger than, well… life and I found myself back in the same place of fear and inaction.

Deep inside me, I KNEW things could be different. I had been reading Tera's emails about women who had turned their lives around after participating in Body Enlightenment programs.

I wondered to myself, "what was the difference between these women and me?" Boom! It hit me – hard! The difference was that these women took action!! They weren't waiting for a magical UPS delivery. They made the decision to invest in themselves and committed to a Body Enlightenment program.

Over the past year, with the support, encouragement and unwavering belief in me from Tera and other women in the be. programs, I have found the confidence, clarity and certainty to confront relationships, habits, and environments that were keeping me small and stuck in life. I am not letting others' opinions influence the pursuit of my goals. I am making decisions that are right for me. I am allowing myself to dream BIG because I am certain that I can achieve my dreams, no matter their size! I have purpose and direction and am taking action to create my dream life. YES! MY DREAM LIFE!

My life now is UNRECOGNIZABLE compared to what it looked like one short year ago.

I won't deny that some days were very long as I faced the "inner gunk" that I had been avoiding for decades. No quick fix is going to handle beliefs, habits and ideas that you've been struggling with for years! It takes a long-term plan, at a pace that is comfortable, yet challenging enough to cause you to learn and grow. And the most powerful ingredient in Body Enlightenment's personal change recipe is the coaching support!

Having someone by your side who believes in you when you aren't able to believe in yourself, who guides and encourages you and will gently kick your butt to get you through a barrier makes all the difference in helping you make lifestyle changes that stick and are with you to stay. I am so glad that I made the decision to make a long-term investment in myself.

As a result, I feel like I am living proof of Tera's motto: Design Your Life. Dare to Live it."

Haley Got Her Back In Control of Herself & Her Life!
Dear Tera,

When I started on the virtual retreat I was at a loss, in my marriage, with my children, with my eating habbits, and in general with the day to day job of living.

I often felt overwhelmed by everything I needed to accomplish and exploded angrily and regularly at anyone or thing that was unlucky enough to light my very easily ignited fuse.

One Sunday last August after a breakdown my husband took our son out, to get away from me, but my 7 year old daughter wouldn't leave me, she wanted to take care of me, so she sat by me as I sobbed fully dressed in a cold shower in the fetal position eventually coaxing me out and into dry clothes that she had got out for me.

That night I logged on and read a message from you, I hadn't opened one for a long time as sometimes I just felt too depressed to relate to what you were saying but for some reason I opened this one and signed up for an interview with Alison to get onto the virtual retreat. My husband hadn't been bringing in a wage for about a year at that point and I had no idea how I would ever be able to pay for the retreat but I knew that something had to change.

As soon as I had invested the money into the retreat, into me I started to feel better even before it had kicked off. The community of women I was introduced to have become my heros and my friends. Immediately I felt loved, supported, understood and heard. Week by week the assignments and contact with you and the other ladies pulled me up but then at the end I hesitated to write this as I thought I hadn't really graduated.

Today however I KNOW that I am in such a different place than I was 6 months ago. I view life differently. I handle things differently, not always correctly but an awful lot better than I did.

This morning I was feeling restless, and on days like today in the past I would have gone out and bought chocolate, crisps, pizza and sat and eaten it, done as little as possible, not been productive and just crashed. This would then have effected me the following day as my body tried to deal all the crap I'd eaten, I would be tired, aggitated, moody and have probably have eaten bady again. Thus the spiral of self loathing and destructive behaviour would begin.

Today however I went for a walk in the beautiful cold crisp winter air, I ate green smoothy, tomatoe & butter cruton salad, vanilla milk, and homemade lemon ice cream, comfort food I know but a real step u from where I was. The kids and I made glitter mood jars for all three of us and then gifts for their teachers as it is almost the end of the school year over here. I didn't communicate brilliantly with my husband but he did take the kids out for a few hours to the sauna and then do the weekly shopping, make dinner and put the kids to bed. Then while I was soaking in the bath I got it Tera, I got it! I am not there but I am so much closer than I was, so much more aware of how my actions create my reality, so much more in control of my ship.
I missed two calls yesterday, one through exhaustion and the other through not reading the time properly and I just thought, "Oh well, I obviously wasn't supposed to be on those calls but I will take more care to be on the next ones." Do you remember how I had a melt down when I missed the first retreat call? I completely fell to pieces! That is the difference between then and now. I still have all the same stuff to deal with but I deal with it differently. So I guess that I have graduated after all, only I didn't realise it, it kind of sneaked up on me and hit me today.

So thank-you Tera, thank-you with every cell of my body because I feel alive and in control of my life and it feels fantastic.

I am always and forever in your debt.

Love Hayley xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
A Few Weeks After Completing the Virtual Retreat, Kaley Met the Love of Her Life and Now They Are Married!
"It Was The Best Decision I Have Ever Made."
I am writing this from a complete state of excitement and love for life--MY life. I got a tattoo on my left forearm in 2007, Love Your Life-- it says so perfectly. What it meant to me then is miniscule in comparison to what it means to me now.

In August of this year I signed up for the Lifestyle Design Retreat program and I will tell you it was the best decision I have ever made. It was the best investment, and the best opportunity that has come my way.

In the last 8 weeks, my life has gone from focusing on fear, shame, and guilt to focusing on love, joy, excitement, presence and productivity.

Going into this program I had a lot of focus on some major demons (or what I thought were major demons) that were haunting me from previous experiences and relationships in life. I had recently left my partner in June, and was ready for some major life detoxing of all things bad. In my day to day life I would be stopped in my tracks with flashbacks and a flood of emotions. I was not present in my everyday life, and I was completely missing out in my life and my daughter was growing up before my eyes, and I was totally missing out on moments with her from being in a chronic state of thinking!

Working through the program was amazing! Each week we had new material, and more ways to get productive in designing the life that we want. I was the total example of fear and guilt, all I could think about was finances, and the shoulds and shouldn't dos of the course. I still WASN'T PRESENT! A common word I used to describe how I felt was "stuck". I would just be walking in my life and I felt completely and utterly stuck, with no direction, no concrete goals, and having no real production on moving forward. Ya, I had some great thoughts about what I would like to do, but I never really envisioned them. I was so stuck in my head that I couldn't get present enough to start working on them.

And of course, I was the perfect example of fear and doubt. When I initially signed up for this course I signed up for one on one coaching, and thought yup I am going for gold. Then, fear and doubt creeped in, and I fully let it in, so I back out of coaching. I told myself, it was too much money, I couldn't handle it financially, I was being selfish for investing that kind of money into my personal goals and health, and I could do it by myself, couldn't I? So, I got a refund on my coaching, and I went on with the course, but I was still stuck, I was still in my head, and I wasn't totally rocking it like I wanted to. So, finally I recognized that I needed help and I wasn't afraid to ask for it.

So, I signed up with the fiery, redhead and got my supernova laserbeam skype calls and WOW did it ever change the game. It was a complete game changer, and a complete eye opener. Tera stood by me and believed in me when I didn't believe in myself. She was and still is my biggest cheerleader in my life. She held my hand when I was scared, confronted me on my crap and totally 100% genuinely showed me love, compassion and true support.

My life is so beautiful now. I am more present in my life than I have ever been. I no longer am stopped in my foot steps with flashbacks or haunted by demons from the past. I am just me, and I love it. I can't even remember the last time I felt so good, probably never. I am SO excited about life and love, and am so grateful! My relationships are improving each and every day, I am a more present Mom for my daughter, and I am nourishing my body with not just green juices and smoothies but with love. I believe in myself more than ever, and I am not going to stop until I reach my goals and purpose. Each and every day is an opportunity for me to be productive and to spread my love all across the world, and that is exactly what I will do.

Marielou Saved Her Marriage & Created Her Dream Job!
Just before I decided to sign up for the Lifestyle Design virtual retreat, my life was seemingly perfect. I was living in China, back with my husband after a year of separation and working in one of Hong Kong's most famous medical practices as a health coach. I had everything I wished for. But I didn't feel happy.

In reality, my marriage was drowning again, and my dream job wasn't actually that cool. I was overworked in an unrewarding atmosphere. I hated living in China and couldn't stand the level of pollution we were living in. I was frustrated because I wasn't parenting the way I wanted to. My life felt out of control and wasn't aligned with the core values that make me who I am.

I hesitated to sign up for this retreat: What kind of results to expect? Will I have time? Will I be able to commit? Is that ok for a coach to seek help? I trusted my gut feelings and have no regrets! When you work as a caregiver, it is your duty to get allies, seek help and make things right for yourself before you start really helping other people.

I signed up with the idea of becoming more empowered and independent. Maybe I would be able to step outside of my marriage and create a thriving business. What happened is that the results were beyond my expectations. Thanks to the program, I went in depth on my relationship with my husband, we were able to identify the roots of our issues and to heal very old wounds. I gave birth to our fourth daughter in January. We have never felt so connected in more than ten years of marriage. We achieved a deeper lever of respect and communication.

We left China for England where I am creating my dream business thanks to the clarity I found through the program and the tools I learned to implement. I created a vision for my life that is aligned with who I really am. I am grateful for that.

Huge hugs

Marie-Louise Corompt Ducarre is a Health Coach making her dreams come true here.
Does This Sound Familiar?
"For The First Time In Memory, I Feel Like Me!"
Ten years ago my life started on a downward spiral. My life, I thought, was going pretty well. I was married with two children, dog, big house, cars, boats, motorhome...all the "stuff" I thought was making me happy.

One morning I woke up, sat straight up in bed and realized something was terribly wrong with this picture. I was not living my dreams. I knew if I didn't make some changes I would be sick.

I went into early menopause at age 43. My brain was numb, my body was in constant pain and I felt trapped inside. My hormones were completely out of whack and my marriage was a sinking ship. All I could do was sit and stare out the window day after day.

I read tons and tons of self-help books, trying to figure out what was "wrong" with me. Why was life throwing me these curves? Why is everything happening TO me? Somehow, I pulled myself up and out of the muck enough to get myself enrolled in nutrition school to learn more about healthy living. I was desperate for answers.

I became a health coach and started my own business because I wanted to help other women not have to suffer like I was. But things were still not right. My marriage didn't make it but my health was starting to improve. I reunited with the "love of my life" after 35 years. Here was my knight in shining armor. I thought my problems were solved!

But I was still lost and confused. I had guilt about the divorce and my hormones were once again out of control. I had doubt about my future. I felt stuck and pretty much settled into frustration and fear. I couldn't get away from the past and move forward. It got so bad that I shut down my business. I didn't have a purpose or passion anymore. I just sat and waited for the universe to lay the answer in my lap!

Then one day I got an email about a retreat with Tera in Canada. It took me a split second to make the decision to get my butt on a plane and to that retreat! It was the turning point I was looking for! After the retreat I came home with courage and renewed passion and I knew there was hope on the horizon! S Then I went to another retreat with Tera because I wanted to learn about hosting my own retreats. I was getting more and more enthusiastic about life again!
I came home and immediately started the Virtual Lifestyle Design Retreat which totally blew me away! I started to paint the picture of my dreams. Then I walked into it and started living it! I did the work! I had to face myself and my past and dig up stuff that didn't feel so good. I soon realized how and why things happened the way they did. Lightbulbs were going off like crazy!

I started to feel the real me emerging. I was laughing more and the ups and downs of life were leveling out. I was making decisions and following through and finishing things I started. My focus was sharper. I was more aware of my surroundings and in tune to people. I couldn't believe that after everything I had tried in the past, that this one program was all it took to get me back on track and turn my life completely around!

I had figured out how to make my life go right, finally! I learned about obstacles and barriers and decision making and actually DOING things. I found my purpose and passion for life.

I am now in a place where I can just BE myself, DO for myself and think for myself, and I get things done! Working with Tera has given me the tools I was missing and the belief in myself that I could make anything go right in my life.

Tera promises, and then she delivers 110%. I have not met anyone in the health arena quite like her! She sticks it out through thick and thin and is always there when you need her. She's a truly authentic and caring friend. I am beyond grateful to have the opportunity to know, and work with, such a beautiful being. I now have regained confidence, communication skills I never had before and the ability to handle ANY situation that comes my way. And my hormones are very happy too! : )

I'm living my dream. My life has purpose. I FEEL ALIVE. Best decision I have EVER made to be a part of this community. If it wasn't for the experiences, the knowledge and the wisdom I have gained since coming on board with be., I simply would not be where I am today. And this is just the beginning... Watch out world, I'm full of rocket fuel!

Christie Kinsey
"I Unconditionally Love Who I Am Today!"
Just wow. And thank you. You were inspiring, motivating, powerful, truthful and passion-filled.

Authenticity. Responsibility. Duty. Feeling vs. thinking. Action. You moved me to tears!

I'm so grateful to you for guiding me through my personal evolution this past year, for holding me accountable and for lovingly (yet firmly ;-)) showing me that until I confronted my past and looked at ALL that I'd worked SO hard to avoid, I'd be unable to move forward and really come into my own. Giving birth and being birthed is painful - no doubt about it. This rebirth, for me, has been painful at times - but exhilarating, empowering and liberating. I maintain that I am not experiencing a midlife crisis, but a midlife AWAKENING! :-)

In this moment, I can honestly tell you from my own soapbox that I unconditionally LOVE who I am today and am so excited for each tomorrow I'm fortunate enough to experience. Self-love and self-care were foreign concepts to me before I met you...let alone the idea of prioritizing them. I have made a HUGE mental shift to be grateful for everything I've experienced and manifested thus far in my life rather that feel shame, embarrassment or resentment because each experience, good or bad, HAD to take place to get me where I am today. 

Every day IS a new day and a new opportunity to create my most AMAZING life! No more self-loathing, guilt, shame or people pleasing - I've found my voice again and my true self is being revealed more everyday as each layer of old thought patterns and self/society/environmentally-imposed mental models are shed. One blessed day at a time.

I just love you!!! XOXOXO 
Heidi Evans
If You've Taken Hundreds of Programs and Still Fall On Your Face, Read This Love Letter From Angela Adams:

I don't know if you know this, but we have history, you and I. See, beginning in 2006 or 2007 I started following you through The Raw Divas. Your vibrancy for life, feistiness, and wild red hair — like mine — pulled me in! I followed you through Health in High Heels, Green Smoothie Challenges, and more monomeals than I can count. I signed up the Raw Diva courses with Dr. T and Dr. Ritamarie. I signed up for each of these programs with the belief and intention that IT would be the program to change my life. All I needed was just more knowledge and surely I'd make the right decisions, right?

You probably see where this is going, but I couldn't have been more wrong. Turns out that the PROGRAMS wouldn't change my life, I would, and I wasn't ready in 2006, or 2007, or 2009 so I quit program, after program, after program. Filled with all the knowledge I needed, I found myself more overweight than when I started and totally frustrated with green smoothies and online courses, and though it pains me to say it now, with you.

So I broke it off.

I took my name off the mailing lists. I deleted anything that came my way that hinted at green juicing or detoxes. My bitterness festered and though I knew it wasn't you, it was ME — it was ALWAYS me — it was so painful to see your cheerful face and wild hair in my Inbox taunting me with the life I COULD have if only I could get my $%(& together.

Fast forward to one day about 8 weeks ago. For some reason I thought of you — not a program, but you — and decided to Google you and see what you were up to these days. Somehow I found an invitation to the Virtual Lifestyle Design Retreat. And something tugged at the deepest part of me.

I filled out the application, mostly because I wanted to know if I'd be accepted… I was scared when I found out the next step was a call with a real live person to TALK to me about my journey. I reluctantly set up a call with Alison through Skype. I didn't let her see my face – turned off the video… And I was skeptical as skeptical could be until two words — Be Cause.

What the hell? I thought. Is that even an option? To live life as cause instead of a perpetual state of reacting to what's thrown your way? With those two words I decided I'd sign up. And I did.

I must say at first I was skeptical. Would this program be any different?

Looking back now, I can say it has been. First of all, the Virtual Lifestyle Design Retreat is different because it is not just a program to buy off the shelf, but includes a FANTASTIC Facebook support community (and this coming from a self-proclaimed social media hater who had to create a new Facebook account to join the group), and attention and feedback from you and your coaching team. I knew from the start that this wouldn't just be me trying to work through a program, but that I had the full support and encouragement of you, and beautiful, strong women from around the world – women I now consider good friends though we've never "met." 

This support is what got me through my initial misgivings and fears, and it's what has kept me going through the program when I've hit hiccups. But most of all, the Virtual Lifestyle Design Retreat is different because the focus isn't on green smoothies or detoxes or any type of restriction or "no" — it is about connecting to self and saying "yes." Yes to dreams and purpose. Yes to an ideal life. Yes to confronting obstacles head on to be able to overcome them. Yes to facing the truth about past actions and how they've impacted the present. Yes to personal integrity.

Yes to freedom.

During the past seven weeks, my life circumstances have not been awesome. Our only car was totaled, we've had a crazy amount of conflict with some of our friends and neighbors, financial issues persist, and I had a pregnancy loss of two much-longed-for babies.

And yet. . .

I am great.

In fact, I'm more than great. I'm looking people in the eye when I pass them in stores or in the hallway of my foster son's school. I'm smiling and talking to them. I'm seeing who they are without worrying about if they are judging me. I'm crazy-in-love with my neighbors newborn baby. I'm cuddling with my foster kids and being the tickle monster. I'm taking responsibility when I screw up. I'm not reacting in difficult meetings, but maintaining my personal integrity and focusing on observing and communicating truth instead of being right. I'm finding the courage to communicate honestly from the core of who I am. I'm making jokes. I'm laughing. I'm kissing my partner more. I'm not feeling like I need to hide. I feel alive.

I feel like I'm not in a chronic mode of reaction, but that I am, for the first time I can remember, poised to be cause. This program has changed my life because it was a safe place to get me ready to change my life. Thank you for this opportunity. The course isn't finished and I'm looking forward to the final week and to continued relationships with my newfound, deep friends. And I'm already recommending it for others I know.

Much love,
Angela Adams
"The BEST Investment I Have Ever Made for Me and
EVERYONE Around Me!"
Dear prospective Life Changer,

Committing to carve out the time to complete the Virtual Lifestyle Retreat was honestly THE BEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER MADE FOR ME (and EVERYONE else around me!)

Having just returned from a hiking adventure with my daughter in the Alps, I liken this class to being the INCREDIBLY AWESOME & AMAZING CHAIRLIFT I discovered that lifted me to the top of the mountain I was already climbing! It gave me the tools and the understanding to literally skyrocket my progress towards BECOMING ALL I AM AND HOPE TO BE, letting go of SO many rocks I was carrying around in my backpack without even knowing why my progress seemed so limited in every area of my life!

Before completing this course I was attempting to clear my body from 30 years of kidney stones and 12 surgeries; feeling stuck in my marriage and distant in some of my family relationships; feeling limited in my business opportunities and repeating harmful emotional cycles of self doubt, discouragement and stuffing my feelings which would come out sooner or later in explosions of one kind or other. I spent a lot of time in pushing myself to obtain approval from others, distracting and running away from myself and relationships and failing to just be consistently ok with BE-ing ME and ok with others as well. I found myself ineffective in many ways with my money, my time, my organization and my communication.

Since fully participating in this eight week course I remarkably find my body renewed with greater energy and strength; my marriage is better than it EVER has been as well as ALL my chosen relationships; I am able to catch myself when I start going into an old pattern of behavior and I have greater awareness and increased ability to make better choices. I find myself accepting responsibility in all areas of my life which has both empowered me and relieved others around me; I am delighted to watch myself grow in effectiveness in EVERY area of my life, AND I ACCEPT MYSELF TOTALLY AND COMPLETELY IN ALL MY MESSY GLORY OF BEING AUTHENTICALLY AND BEAUTIFULLY ME!

I was a skeptic going into this course as I have participated in many "self-help" courses and books and classes of all shapes and sizes in an effort to assist myself and others without real, lasting, applicable results. THIS course truly changes EVERYTHING because it changes YOU! JUST DO IT!! You get an amazing team of fellow life travelers to assist you and encourage you along the way!

Gemstones I have discovered along my journey of learning to BE:
  •  Acceptance of exactly where I am and more joy and peace in my journey. 
  •  Allowing the lessons from my past to teach me exactly what I need to know to improve the present and propel me into the future I want to have.
  •  Ability to face whatever lies in front of me and accept MY responsibility in it.
  •  Awareness of myself and others in my life and the choices I am always able to make.
  •  Action steps to accomplishing anything I want in life, realizing that it ALL starts with ME!
  •  Attitude to enable me to BE the best version of me and let go of all that I no longer need.
(So, take AA x 3 and you get THIS PROGRAM!) GET ON THE LIFT!

"This Retreat Was a Game Changer!"
I considered myself a higher functioning and mentally stable person that could run her own business and be the therapist for a lot of her friends. I had a good mindset and was positive most of the time. I understood how affirmations, beliefs, and knowledge worked and lead a life that proved this in some areas. I had spent years working on my personal growth and overcoming past challenges and really didn't feel like I had any baggage. I was ready for the next level, but I knew this meant figuring out what was holding me back. Even though life was good and I felt somewhat advanced in some areas the fact of the matter was I was 36 years old, 100 pounds overweight, drinking "just" a couple of drinks every night, my closets were crammed packed, my living room walls had been half painted for two years, I could not focus on a project nor complete it. and my savings account was zero. And, for the first time I couldn't get excited over what I really wanted to do with my life.

I knew how to eat right. I knew how to mediate. I knew how to be positive. I knew how to exercise. What I didn't know was why I wasn't doing it. I knew something deeper than just information was missing in my life. I joined BE Lifestyle Design because I knew this approach was to help people help themselves. Most programs want to teach you how to be like the coach. This is something very different. I made it a priority in order to change my life and I came up with the financial investment and made sure I put everything I could into the retreat.

After 8 weeks of learning about myself and working through the problem areas in my life I was a little nervous to return to life without the structure and support of the woman in the retreat. I dove into life holding onto the precious tools. I quickly realized these tools are designed for me to use forever. The knowledge I gained from this retreat evolves as I do. Three weeks later and I am 21 pounds lighter (and I eat ice cream every night!) , I have completed 2/3 of my long and very old TO DO List, and have taken the relationship with my boyfriend to a new level that has new passion, understanding, and patience. I have the knowledge on how to complete each day with a success and understand how to continue to drive the passion for my life. This retreat was a game changer in my adult years, and I will always trust in the BE Staff to support me and guide me in the a direction that serves me best when I need it. It is so precious just to BE.

"I Can't Direct the Wind, But I Can Adjust My Sails!"
In that very special week where I plunged into the course and savoured each theme, each lesson, as auditory candy, I put my feelers out and began putting some plans in motion. I take note that all this happened in early spring, a very auspicious time of year when change and the renewal of life and self is coming for you, whether you want it to or not. I like to think I rode that flow very well with a courage and tenacity that surprised me. One of those feelers returned to me some opportunities that were the truest and most wonderful opportunities I had been hoping for and dreaming of for some time. I'm a firm believer in signs and omens and universal language (which I lovingly now know is my intuition), and I kept up a lot of dialog in early March with positive forces and confidence I wasn't quite aware of before. I reconnected with some people who are incredible mentors and teachers, people I knew would help patch my broken heart and wounded sense of self. Quite literally, the minute I did that, another doorway opened - and I can say this because this happened through email and both opportunities arrived in my inbox the exact same moment, haha! So stunned self aside, I mustered a silent "thank you" and then proceeded to shyly - and then ferociously - pursue what had been offered to me. Ad infinitum ...

I'm not saying that going through Lifestyle Design requires you to have some epic shift or shattering of EVERYTHING you know ... but it was required for me, I believe, because all the signs and experiences were there, and I still wasn't listening. I really am at a loss when I think of having to experience this past winter without the safety net of Lifestyle Design, because it literally was my Ground Zero for starting over, for learning how to sink my teeth in and learn how to bite off more than I think I deserve. I rebuilt everything about myself and my life, everything. It all started with that journalling when I REALLY started to take each week seriously. I made a lot of decisions about who I wanted to be and what I wanted to believe in. I threw away a lot of myself, and it felt nice to do away with the accumulated stuff that I just didn't really need. I'm still putting into practice A LOT of what I learned from this course, and I always catch myself every day having some fleeting image I associate with Tera and the bravado that I cultivated borrowing from her ideas and swift boots in the ass she gave me (very welcome and necessary for who I am!). I step back and dissect a lot of normal, everyday experiences now, and tell myself I'll do better to be a better representative of myself each opportunity I get. Most importantly, I won't drag my behind and "wait" for people and events to rescue me. This was the most extraordinary realisation I could ever hope to come to ... I am responsible for my own happiness. I can't direct the wind, but I can adjust my sails.

Ashley Yvonne
Of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
Chapter 1 of Her New Life, May 4, 2015
"I Lit Up Like a Firecracker and I Set Off!"
If you have an opportunity to participate in the Virtual Retreat I highly recommend that you gift yourself this experience. It is truly transformative and will equip you with the tools and inner wisdom to live out your best life – whatever that is for you. And if like me, you're not sure what that is for you, all the more reason to participate.

Tera and Alison are truly gifted at their craft and have clearly put a lot of time and thought into designing this experience. I would describe the program as very clever and while at times uncomfortable it was well supported and never overwhelming. Little changes week by week led to profound positive shifts. Indeed, there were quite a few "earthquakes" during our retreat.

I'd like to share a bit on my own experience...

Prior to participating in the Virtual Retreat, my life was going according to plan by most measures. I was married to a wonderful man, working in a career that I loved and building a future for myself. I was happy yet I felt a bit numb, like a listless and colorless version of myself.

As I went through the program I began to realize that in my commitment to reaching my goals and following through with my plans, I had really lost my spontaneity, zest for life and sense of play. I had also lost my voice and had taken a back seat on many big events in my life. It was no wonder I felt a bit apathetic and blah.

As I worked through the program steps were clearly outlined on how to break out of my narrowed experience and take back control of my life. I reconnected with myself, with my voice and with nature, and I also started to build a community that nurtured these things.

Although I am still working through all of the shifts and growth that I experienced both during and since completing the program, I do want to share with you the realization/shift that was most profound and that I am most grateful for.

When I finally moved from a place of mourning the past and placing blame and ventured into a land of personal responsibility and power over my own destiny, I was free. And in an instant, that numb, listless version of myself lit up like a firecracker and I set off.

~ oxoxox Natallia

"The Only Way Out is Through!"
Despite some initial skepticism (not with Tera and BE - just that everywhere you turn, SO many programs make big promises to change your life, etc.), now that I'm through the course, I have to admit it has completely changed and revitalized my life! Even better, I've been experiencing many instances of synchronicity along the way leading me to my true purpose I uncovered. 

This course has been invaluable in learning about myself, how I've gotten in my own way, what has held me up, where I've held myself back, the people I've let into my life and entered relationships with, what I've allowed myself to settle for and so much else. You will be able to look back and see connections, patterns and issues you never realized were keeping you from being your best and living "fully" alive. There were times when the course appeared deceptively simple and/or I had doubts as to the efficacy of the exercises. Also as Tera forewarned, there were times when things became extremely difficult, but the only way out is through. As she told me in essence, "we become what we fail to confront". 

I highly recommend this for everyone.

- Chris
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